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Crooked Star Ranch, Maypearl, Texas.
This is the best place ever...has the best cattle, best food, and nicest people in the entire world!

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Pedigrees are a valuable tool in livestock breeding because these ancestral records provide knowledge necessary for predicting progeny performance.

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  • Bobbi Thompson
    AMZA is happy to announce our new registrar Bobbi Thompson....
  • Bernie Keasler
    Bernie continues to provide website support and database support.  Please...

Open Letter to Membership!

AMZA is happy to announce our new registrar Bobbi Thompson.

Raised in a farming community in the Midwest, Bobbi moved to Florida in 2007 and quickly found her passion in Zebus. With a herd of more than 40 zebus, she and Rick Ressler have become one of Florida’s premium breeders and exhibitors.  Bobbi brings a wealth of information and energy to her new position.


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Show Results

Show Results listed on this page are consider "Official" and have been certified by the Registrar.

Hardship Program

Because AMZA is an open registry, we do have a mechanism for registering previously unregistered cattle

Did you know?

  • How do I measure my Zebu?
    Miniature are measured across their hip, at the highest point. NOT BEHIND THE HUMP.  The idea being that a 38 inch tall Miniature Zebu should be able to just barely walk under a 38 inch high bar.  Measuring at the hip has proven to be more accurate than shoulder or wither measurements. (read more)
  • Moving Cattle Out of Pens and Sorting
    The handler should control the movement of cattle through a gate. DO NOT let cattle run wildly through a gate. They need to learn that you control their movements. (read more)
  • Tattoo Letters Guidelines
    The tattoo letter for 2017 is “E”.  The Table below gives each year and its associated tattoo letter. Most breeders use the following sequence for tattooing:  First, the letter initial of their Herd Prefix, followed by the number of the calf for the year, and then the associated tattoo letter for the year. (read more)
  • Guide to American Miniature Zebu Shows
    The overall purpose of a show is to select animals which come closest to the ideal of "perfect Zebu" as set by AMZA's strict breed standards.  Each show is a comparative study of "a" group of animals on one particular day. (read more)

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