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Rouse Ranch
  Haines City, Florida
If you ever want to visit Rouse Ranch, the gates are always open . . .
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Announcing the 2020 Spook-Tacular Miniature Zebu Show

Learn more about Miniature Zebus
Miniature Zebu have been around for thousands of years. This breed is actually one of the oldest known cattle breeds, dating back to 6000BC. 
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AMZA provides many valuable services to their membership, one of the most important being the recording of ancestry, or pedigrees. 

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The AMZA is excited to introduce the launch of our new website.
Countless hours have been spent with our Website Developer/IT Department on providing information for all zebu enthusiasts. Take a look around and we hope that you find this information informative and helpful.

If you should have any questions about the Miniature Zebu breed, please don’t hesitate to contact the AMZA office at 352-391-0977, or you can send a text to 352-391-0977 or an email to

Important Information

This is a complete listing of all upcoming AMZA events. Come see us and support your AMZA!

Come to the 2020 Spook-Tacular Miniature Zebu Show

Show Results listed on this page are consider “Official” and have been certified by the Registrar.

Because AMZA is an open registry, we do have a mechanism for registering previously unregistered cattle

Did you know?
  • How Do I Measure My Zebu?**
    Miniature are measured across their hip, at the highest point. NOT BEHIND THE HUMP. The idea being that a 38 inch tall Miniature Zebu should be able to just barely walk under a 38 inch high bar. Measuring at the hip has proven to be more accurate than shoulder or wither measurements. (Read More)

  • Moving Cattle Out Of Pens And Sorting
    The handler should control the movement of cattle through a gate. DO NOT let cattle run wildly through a gate. They need to learn that you control their movements. (Read More)

  • Tattoo Letters Guidelines
    The tattoo letter for 2017 is “E”. The Table below gives each year and its associated tattoo letter. Most breeders use the following sequence for tattooing: First, the letter initial of their Herd Prefix, followed by the number of the calf for the year, and then the associated tattoo letter for the year. (Read More)

  • Guide To American Miniature Zebu Shows
    The overall purpose of a show is to select animals which come closest to the ideal of "perfect Zebu" as set by AMZA's strict breed standards. Each show is a comparative study of "a" group of animals on one particular day. (Read More)
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Bobbi Thompson

AMZA President

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Ashley Thompson

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Rick Ressler

AMZA Director

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Linda Grant

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