Gestation Table

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Below you will find the gestation chart for your use in determining due dates for beef cattle. Just simply select the date you bred the cow to find the expected calving date. Chart is based on 283 days of pregnancy.

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Service Date Calving DateService Date Calving DateService Date Calving Date
January 1-October 11May 1-February 8August 29-June 8
January 8-October 18May 8-February 18September 1-June 11
January 15-October 25May 15 -February 22September 8-June 18
January 29-November 8May 22-February 29September 15-June 25
February 1-November 11May 29 -March 8September 22-July 2
February 8-November 18June 1-March 11September 29 -July 9
February 15 -November 25June 8 -March 18October 1-July 11
February 22-December 2June 15 -March 25October 8-July 18
February 28-December 8June 22 -April 1October 15-July 25
March 1-December 9June 29 -April 8October 22-August 1
March 8 -December 16July 1-April 10October 29-August 8
March 15 -December 23July 8-April 17November 1 -August 11
March 22-December 30July 15-April 24November 8-August 18
March 29-January 6July 22-May 1November 15-August 25
April 1-January 9July 29-May 8November 22-September 1
April 8-January 16August 1-May 11November 29-September 8
April 15-January 23August 8 -May 18December 1-September 10
April 22-January 30August15-May 25December 8-September 24
April 29 -February 6August 22- June 1December 15-September 24
December 22-October 1
December 29 -October 8