Official Show Rules and Regulations

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The following rules and regulations are for American Miniature Zebu Association sanctioned shows and these rules shall govern.

All AMZA sanctioned shows must be judged by an Officially Licensed AMZA Judge. If an Official AMZA Judge is not available, then another qualified judge of other cattle breeds or livestock may be substituted, said Judge must be approved by the AMZA no later than 2 weeks prior to the show. This Judge must obtain a one day license from the AMZA in the amount of $30.00. This fee must be paid to the AMZA prior to the AMZA sanctioned show.

Only American Miniature Zebu Association (AMZA) registered animals will be permitted to show in an AMZA sanctioned show.

Exhibitors must be an AMZA member in good standing to participate in an AMZA sanctioned show.

Unless otherwise stated within the show documentation, the American Miniature Zebu Association will allow animals to be registered as late as 2 weeks prior to the show.

The original or photo copy of the original AMZA registration certificate will need to be made available to the Show Superintendent for every animal entered and the document must be available for inspection during check-in.

All cattle entering the show ring must be 42” or less measured at the hip.

Horned or de-horned animals are acceptable.

All miniature zebu must be shown in their natural state. The only clipping allowed for cattle shown is inner ear, genitalia, and whiskers. No body clipping is allowed. No paint, dye, chalk, or glitter may be used to modify appearance. Only clear polish may be used on hoofs and horns. Tail switch cannot be embellished in any way, no additions to the switch may be added. The alteration of physical features and appearance of any animal by cosmetic and/or surgical means are deemed unethical practices and will be grounds for disqualifications.

All animals must show with a halter and lead strap attached to the halter. It shall be at the exhibitor’s discretion whether to use a nose ring. Any animal that becomes unruly or dangerous may be disqualified by the judge.

Any animal disqualified from its class will not be counted in the total number of animals shown for sanction purposes.

Entries in the group classes must also show in their respective age class.

It is recommended that every show animal has some sort of permanent identification. It is not necessary now, but eventually all miniature zebu cattle shown will need to be identified. This could be tattoos, USDA tags, or brands. Please check with your State requirements on cattle identification. This permanent identification needs to match the animals AMZA registration papers.

Health certificates may be required if specified in the show rules of the show venue. When health certificates are not required by the show venue, the Show Officials shall see that all animals brought to the show are in apparent good health and free from noticeable disease. Show officials may deny entry if an animal does not appear to be in good health.

A signed copy of each show program with the official show results is to be mailed to the AMZA office at, PO Box 2095, Lady Lake, FL 32158, no later than 10 days following the show. The Show Secretary must also retain a signed copy of each show program with the official show results for 12 months following the AMZA sanctioned show. Show results must be legible with a date, signature, printed name, address, email address, and phone number of both the judge and the show secretary on the front of each show program submitted. The time that the show started must also be noted on the front page of the show program that is submitted to the AMZA.

All AMZA sanctioned shows must be advertised as such by the Venue/Organization that has been approved to hold an AMZA sanctioned show. Advertisements may be as such, all printed materials of such shows, advertisements of such shows on social media, or otherwise.

Sanction Fees are $125.00 per individual show. Rosettes will be provided for Grand Champion Steer, Heifer, Cow, Jr. Bull, and Sr. Bull. Rosettes will be provided for Reserve Grand Champion Steer, Heifer, Cow, Jr. Bull, and Sr. Bull. Rosettes will be provided for Champion Challenge Steer, Cow, and Bull. The sanction fees will need to be paid prior to the sanctioned show. Please provide an address where the rosettes will need to be mailed to below.

last updated: 03.05.17