Show Official Disqualifications

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Some faults, including those which keep the animals from being functional, productive and reproductive have to be considered show ring disqualifications due to their seriousness. The show ring is the only venue we have to spotlight the highest quality animals available for public viewing in one location.

 All breeding Bulls and Cows:

  • Serious Emaciation
  • Total Blindness
  • Permanent Lameness
  • Evidence of any inability to reproduce (Hermaphroditism)
  • Permanent Physical Defect (obvious Navel Hernia)
  • Excessive hair length and/or curly coat
  • Animals over 42 inches


  • Non functioning udder half
  • Blind teats
  • Active mastitis or any cause of abnormal milking


  • Crooked or wry face
  • One or no testicles
  • Total lack of breed character


  • Serious emaciation
  • Excessive hair length and/or curly coat
  • Total blindness