Progressive Show Win Policy

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American Miniature Zebu Association provides a progressive show winnings program. This program consists of zebus becoming Permanent Grand Champions and then progressing to become Master Champions at AMZA sanctioned shows.

To become a Permanent Grand Champion a zebu must win 4 Grand Champions by 3 different judges. Two of these winnings may be as a junior bull, a heifer, or a steer under the age of 2 years old.

Once a zebu has become a Permanent Grand Champion the zebu may progress to become a Master Champion.

To become a Master Champion the zebu must win 4 Best In Shows/Champion Challenges by 3 different judges after becoming a Permanent Grand Champion.  Best of Show/Champion Challenges wins before the PGCH status does not apply to the Master Grand Champion status.

Once the zebu has become a Master Champion they may only be shown at an AMZA National Show in the National Champion Class.

updated: 03.27.17