Upcoming Events
2015 Ze'Orange De 'Lite Zebu Show 1
Weirsdale, FL
May 23-23,2015

2015 Ze'Orange De'Lite Zebu Show 2
Weirsdale, FL
May 23-24,2015

2015 State Fair of Texas - Club Show
Dallas, TX
Oct 02-04,2015

2015 Louisiana State Fair
Shreveport, LA
Nov 05-08,2015

Letter from the President
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We have been having some issues with receiving mail. We moved the AMZA office to the building next door a few months ago. Even though it was only from 218 W 6th St to 216 W 6 St we put in a change of address. Recently, a new tenant moved in to the old building and since then some mail (not all) addressed to the 218 address has been returned to sender rather then forwarded to the 216 address.

Since we are contemplating another move for the office in a month or so (this time across the street and the final move!), last week I decided to simplify all this and opened a PO Box in Ferris. I have filed change of address forms with the Post Office for both 216 and 218 to the new PO Box address.

I have created address updates for all the AMZA online forms and forwarded them to Bernie to load on our web page.

If you have printed copies of AMZA forms with out of date addresses, I suggest you throw them away and print new ones from the web page. I also have copies in the office if you want me to mail them to you.

I apologize for any inconvenience. If you have mailed something to the office more than a few weeks ago and not heard back, please email me at registrar@amzaonline.org .Following is our new mailing address:

P O Box 363
Ferris, TX, 75125

Best Regards,

Jim Mannos
AMZA Registrar


logo icon

2015 Show Season Is Underway!

  State Fair of Texas

Here is the information, deadlines and websites for upcoming shows. PLEASE, if you have any to add contact us so we can get them up! I have put the information in this email along with an attachment.

What: Texas State Fair
When: Friday October 2nd through Sunday October 4th
Where: Dallas, Texas

Web site for online registration www.bigtex.com

1. September 1, 2015 will be the date by which age will be determined.
2. PREMIUMS: 1st $45; 2nd $35; 3rd $25
3. CHAMPION PREMIUMS: Grand $150; Reserve Grand $75
4. Entry Dead line September 1st

Friday, October 2nd
8:00 AM Early Move-In: Pan-Am Mini Beef Cattle (Cattle Barn 1 – West Docks)
6:00 PM In-Place: Pan-Am Mini Beef Cattle (Cattle Barn 1)

Saturday, October 3rd

11:00 AM Reg. Check-In Deadline: Pan-Am Mini Beef Cattle (Cattle Barn 1) TBA Pan-Am Miniature Zebu Costume Class Livestock Judging Pavilion – East

Sunday, October 3rd

8:00 AM Pan-Am Mini Hereford Show, followed by Mini Zebu Show, Local Mini Zebu Show Livestock Judging Pavilion – West

3:00 PM Release: Pan-Am Mini Beef Cattle (Cattle Barn 1 - West Docks) Release: Pan-Am Llamas (Cattle Barn 1 - East Docks)


All Livestock Exhibitors should read and be familiar with all Competition Regulations, including Health Requirements. Exhibitors should continue to check the Health Requirements occasionally in the event the State Veterinarian's Office issues updates.

Colorado State Fair Show

Here is the information, deadlines and websites for upcoming shows. PLEASE, if you have any to add contact us so we can get them up!

What: Colorado State Fair
When: Thursday Sept. 3rd-Sunday Sept. 6th
Where: Pueblo, Colorado

Web site for online registration www.coloradostatefair.com

THURSDAY Sept 3 7:00 am   Miniature Zebu Cattle BEGIN ARRIVAL
FRIDAY Sept 4 8:00 am   Miniature Zebu Cattle IN PLACE
FRIDAY Sept 4 6:00 pm   Miniature Zebu CSF Show #1
SATURDAY Sept 5 2:00pm   Miniature Zebu Cattle Show (AMZA Nat’l Show)
SUNDAY Sept 6 8:00 am Miniature Zebu Cattle all out


All Livestock Exhibitors should read and be familiar with all Competition Regulations, including Health Requirements. Exhibitors should continue to check the Health Requirements occasionally in the event the State Veterinarian's Office issues updates.

Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair - November 13-14, 2015

This is the first year that the Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair will be hosting Miniature Zebu shows. The dates of the fair are November 4-15, 2015. The Zebus will be there Thursday, November 12th through Sunday, November 15th.

There will be two shows. The new club show, 1st Coast Miniature Zebu Show, will be held on Friday, November 13th at 5:00 pm. It is sponsored by the Florida Miniature Zebu Association. The Jacksonville Fair's Open Miniature Zebu Show will be held Saturday, November 14th at 1:00 pm. Both shows will be sanctioned by AMZA. This is a great opportunity for all you Mini Zebu enthusiasts to show and promote your cattle.

The fair's brand new website is now available on line. The following link will take you to the home page. www.jacksonvillefair.com

From there, click on "Contests/Premium Book" at the top right. Wait for the photos to load at the bottom, then click on "Open Livestock Shows".
We recommend that you read all the sections under the "General Information" heading to become familiar with the fair policies and requirements. Just to clarify, in the info that refers to "Tie Spaces", the $10 stall fee is actually the entry or registration fee. This is not an extra charge. It is a flat fee of $10 per animal per show.

Under "Open Cattle Shows" heading you'll find our two Miniature Zebu shows listed. Click on these for information and class schedules for each show.
The entry form is at the bottom of the page. IMPORTANT!!! You will need to complete separate entry forms for the Open Show and the Club Show. Near the top of the form in the middle are the words "OPEN BEEF". Write "Open Show" or "Club Show" above "Open Beef" to indicate which show the entry is for.

Remember to include copies of your cattle registration certificates with your entry.

Entries are due October 1st.

The fair will be providing the judge for the open show and we are working with AMZA to procure an AMZA certified judge for the club show. When we have a firm commitment, we'll announce the name of the club show judge.

The Jacksonville Fair venue is quite similar to the Florida State Fair but on a smaller scale. However, attendance is nearly identical with 382,418 attendees at the state fair in February of this year and 382,472 attendees at the Jacksonville fair last year.

Please don't miss this opportunity to join the Florida Miniature Zebu Association in promoting and showing your Mini Zebu cattle.


Tendon Issues in New Born Calves

logo iconYou’re a responsible zebu breeder; you’ve read all about cow gestation and calving. You’re sitting a respectful distance from the panting mom; you have “The Book” across your knees, a flashlight, camera, wristwatch, cell phone, towels, and sandwich nearby. The stages of labor don’t follow the neat time schedule described in “The Book”, but still a tiny little perfect calf is born. But when it stands up, there’s something odd about his front legs… (full story by Dottie Love)


Bottelberghe Farms Miniature Zebu Steer Project

For those who have never met Josh Bottelberghe and his family, you are missing a real treat.  Not only is he as sharp as a tack, but his family is a true gem!  Over the last couple of years the Bottelbergh's have quickly become one of the true visionaries in the Zebu world bringing his background, ideas and thought processes to the forefront of our industry. 

I had an opportunity to talk with Josh over the phone for more than 1 hour last night discussing his project.  I was absolutely amazed at the thought process and forward thinking ideas he has in promoting Zebu, in unleashing their potential and frankly lifting the breed to the next level. 

His research paper titled "Bottelberghe Farms Miniature Zebu Steer Project" is a MUST READ!  It's a must print...and certainly a "MUST reference" at every opportunity.   

From the words of Josh...

"As average homestead and farm sizes decrease annually and genetically engineered food increases there becomes a greater demand for homegrown beef. It takes a toll on a limited amount of pasture to raise a full sized commercial beef steer to over 1000lbs and 2 years of age. On average an animal will consume roughly 2.5% of its body weight a day in dry matter. For a 1000lb steer that is 25 pounds of dry matter not including the moisture the grass contains. Most of this intake will go towards sustaining that animal and anything extra will go toward growth and conditioning. A miniature zebu steer weighing 400lbs will consume 10 lbs. of dry matter a day....."

The full paper...(click here)


logo iconManaging a Herd During a Drought

Parts of many countries are currently under drought including Canada, China, Mexico, United Kingdom, the United States and others. These continued droughts make it tough for cow/calf producers to survive financially; however there are management techniques that might help. The most important practice in drought management is to avoid overgrazing pastures to the extent that their recovery is prolonged when it does rain again.

"Managing Cattle In a Drought"



I know you have been hearing about this for along time, but we are really nearly there.  Unfortunately it has taken longer to get there that what anyone really wanted, but I think the final product will benefit both the general membership and the AMZA volunteers.

The main stay of the new system will allow the member to "manage" much of their own information and conduct general business, that in the past, required a volunteer's input. 

In general, each member will have a "My Member Page".  This page will allow them to update their information,  renew/upgrade their members, register animals*, view their animals, print duplicate certificates, transfer animals.  AS you can see, we are really excited.  In addition to these function, we are also finishing up at "Show Module" which will include the ability to "enter" a AMZA show and pay the fees online, and a "For Sale" module what will allow members to post ad online for a given period of time..


logo iconHot Topics...

Feeding Cows Through the Winter

From time to time, AMZA will post or repost news articles or resources we think will be helpful to our general membership.  With winter coming up and many parts of the country still in drought conditions, feeding your herd through the winter will be challenging at best. 

Here is a great article from Dr. Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist.  This put the topic of Body Scoring and winter herd management together.

"Sorting Cows for More Efficient Winter Supplemental Feeding"


patchAMZA Launches New Website

Over the next several months, members will see a many new and exciting features.  We want members to use this website as their central point of contact for other AMZA member, a source of information and a way to manage your herd. 

Over the next several months, you should see a dramatic change in the overall feel, design and functionality of the site. In the several weeks I will be posting instructions for each member.  YOU ARE MY TEST SUBJECT! 

In the first phase, we will build a "My Membership Module".  This module will allow each member to self-manage their account(s).  Each member will be able to login, change and update personal information such as address and contact information.  In addition, each member will be pay (or renew) their membership dues by either credit card or a traditional check/money order. This is all in preparation to building a "My Herd Module" and ultimately a "My Show Module".  Our hope is that we will be able to use the site as a "herd management tool" and a general resource for information about herd management, pasture management and other critical topics association with a quality breeding/herd program.

Keep checking back!


ribbonCongratulations To All of the Permanent Grand Champions

It's been a long time coming....but the 2010 Show Results ARE CERTIFIED. Jim Mannos, AMAZ's registrar, has released the list of new Permanent and Master Grand Champions.  Please join us and congratulating the owners and breeders of this year's new inductees.  

Click here to see complete listing.


mesuring tapeSo...How Are They Measured

Miniature Zebu's are measured across their hip, at the highest point. The idea being that a 38 inch tall Miniature Zebu should be able to barely clear a 38 inch bar.  Measuring at the hip has proven to be more accurate than the shoulder or wither measurements.

See Frame Scoring Table...


Bovine Bloat - Zebu 101

Bloat is an emergency condition that can develop within a few hours and can kill without quick treatment. When we humans feel bloated from a large meal, the digestive process soon relieves the discomfort. Same thing with cattle—most of the time. But when things go awry, your zebu can die in agony while you watch helplessly.
However, there are some simple treatments that will successfully treat bloat quickly in almost all cases. Anybody can do them using household-type supplies and equipment. Keep these items in your Buckaroo Box at all times (a fatal case of Bloat resulted in the creation of the Buckaroo Box—read about it in Zebu A to Z soon).  - Read More

Digestion: A Quick Description

Cattle, being wary of predators, grab grass with their tongues and use their incisors to tear it from the ground. They don't need bottom incisors, so they don't have any. They quickly gulp down the grass in the open pasture, allowing them to run back to safety. Later they burp back up wads of the grass and chew it thoroughly, starting the breakdown process.

You've heard of their four stomachs? Well, actually, these are organs that help digest intake in different ways. - Read More
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