Stephens Farm

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Life At The Stephens Farm

Hello! We are Eddie and Susan Stephens of The Stephens Farm in Locust Fork, Alabama.

Even though we haven’t been fortunate enough to meet many of our AMZA friends and enjoy your friendship personally, we feel like we know many of you anyway! We know that those Miniature Zebu Shows and County Fair Shows that we are  informed of are surely wonderful experiences. Maybe someday we will be able to attend one!

Life on our little farm is hectic to say the least! Eddie has retired from the Military but still continues to work at his every-day job. And I, even though I don’t currently work outside the farm, have an everyday job here, too! We have always said, “After a bad day, just go outside and hug a Zebu. That will make everything much better!”

As Eddie mentioned to me only yesterday, it seems as though there is ALWAYS something going on around here! We are terribly protective of all our animals. Between coyotes, foxes, raccoons, snakes, and dogs belonging to other people, it is an on-going job to keep all our babies safe. But, between those horns and their hooves, they are pretty self-protective themselves. We had a little heifer who looked as though she were “pointing” like a dog and looking intent upon something. That something turned out to be a snake. How intuitive that she stood so still with her front hoof up for a goodly amount of time “pointing” that snake! Only yesterday Eddie had to relocate a bothersome raccoon to a new zip code! He simply had to go! Wish we could relocate red ants, wasps, and yellow jackets, too. Grrrrrr!

As we are sure many of you do, we recognize each Zebu by his or her actions and their distinctive sounds! Our matriarch, Loretta, has an indoor and an outdoor voice! We get the biggest kick out of hearing her “silent little” moo which seems to grow into a full-fledged moo while waiting to be fed! And, our precious Whispering Bill...we love to hear him refute his name by snoring like a big bear!

Stephens Farm 1
Stephens Farm 2

Stephens Farm 3
Sonny Boy and Conway

What a joy it is to see “Pete (Conway) and Repeat (Little Sonny James)” as they go about their day. Conway doesn’t make a step that Little Sonny isn’t directly behind him. One day, Little Sonny Boy wasn’t paying attention when Conway stopped. You guessed it, he rear-ended him! Too funny!

Stephens Farm 4
Patsy, Baby, Darlin’ and Miss Minnie

Our three cows (Darlin’, Patsy and Baby) and their protective donkey (Miss Minnie), are unbelievable together. Miss Minnie watches over those cows as though they were her very own.

Then, there is our Snookey...the biggest pet of all. One day, not too long ago, there was a problem on the road in front of Snookey’s pasture. Well, instead of running from the noise and the lights, little-miss-nosey Snookey ran TO the action. And, I mean literally she ran to the action! As we watched the commotion, the law officer had to continuously “shew” her away from the fence, but she would return! We finally had to call her to us and she finally “left the scene”! That was such a funny sight! Snookey is currently in with our smallest little bull, Ranger. Hopefully, we will have a baby early in the Winter. Speaking of our Ranger, his sound is surely very distinctive! You would think we had an Elk in our pasture instead of a little bull boy!

Stephens Farm 7

Our Maximillion is a most beautiful little man. He can ALWAYS be found somewhere near the three cows, and he also watches over them from his pasture just as the donkey does. It is never a secret who is in season!

And, last but not least, our two little ones...Little Shania and Little Willie Nelson! When the sun shines on Little Willie, he is so black that he looks blue. We wish we could report a color for Little Shania. But, at this time, we would have to say “We will let you know this upcoming Spring!”. She is currently a most beautiful and unusual color of black, grey, red, and white all mixed together.

Here at The Stephens Farm, selling our little Zebus is a tearful experience to say the least. Hugging them and saying goodbye is one of those happy/sad experiences. Happy to see them go to a good home but sad to see them leave us.

Well, you have just experienced a “pictorial virtual tour” of The Stephens Farm—where every day is a new experience! We are so thankful to our Veterinarian for guiding us to these precious little Zebus.

We hope you enjoyed the tour. If you are ever in our area, just give us a call and come by! Y’all come see us now…’ya heah!!

Eddie and Susan Stephens

The Stephens Farm

827 Tabernackle Road

Locust Fork, Alabama 35126