Hardship Registering Your Animals

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The AMZA has implemented a ‘Hardship’ registration for Miniature Zebu cattle that are unregistered for several reasons; lost registration certificates, sold without updated paperwork, lost paperwork, etc.

The AMZA works very hard to make this process as user friendly as possible, by texting or emailing pictures first, with the height of the animal, our hardship committee will access the animal and give you a decision before you send in any money. The AMZA does NOT charge any fees for hardship unless the animal is approved for hardship registration.

The AMZA has implemented a ‘Hardship’ registration process with animals registered as ‘Native on Appearance’. Native on Appearance simply means that the animal presented to the AMZA for Hardship registration as ‘Native on Appearance’ is judged by its phenotype (breed character fitting of a miniature zebu) and not genotype (the genetics of known animals). Please be advised that the AMZA makes no claims as to the genetic makeup or purity of the animals that are presented and ultimately Hardship registered with the AMZA. The offspring should continue to meet the AMZA breed standard. If the hardship committee should find the offspring of ‘Native on Appearance’ registered animals are substandard or lack Miniature Zebu specific breed character, the AMZA maintains the right to withdraw the said animals from the registry, and deem the cattle un-registerable.

The AMZA requires the following information to start the Hardship registration process:

1.       Four clear color photos. One photo from the front, rear, and one from each side. Photos can be sent via regular U.S. Mail, email, or a text message to 352-391-0977.

2.       Height (must be 42 inches or under)

3.       Application for registration with as much information filled out as possible.

4.       Age of the animal, or estimated age as close as possible. (note: when the age of an animal presented to the AMZA for hardship registration is unknown, the AMZA uses January 1st as the birth date plus the estimated year the animal was born. For example: If you have a 2 year old heifer, but you don’t know the actual birthdate, AMZA will register as January 1st, 2015.

5.       To hardship your cattle, you must be a member in good standing.

6.       You must register your herd/farm or ranch name with the AMZA as your hardship animals will carry your herd name. 

This information needs to be submitted to Bobbi Thompson, AMZA Registrar. The information supplied will then be submitted to a committee of AMZA Certified Judges for review and eligibility will be determined. The fee for registering animals accepted under this policy is $100 for each animal ($60 for each animal if 6 or more are submitted at one time per member). Registered animals are mostly Foundation Pure, but in these ‘hardship’ cases we register the first generation as ‘Native on Appearance.’ Offspring from these animals can then be registered as ‘Foundation Pure’ for the normal registration rates. Again, if you have any questions on this type of registration, do not hesitate to contact the AMZA Registrar, Bobbi Thompson.