Miniature Zebu have been around for thousands of years. This breed is actually one of the oldest known cattle breeds, dating back to 6000BC. Miniature Zebu are native to India, Africa and Southeast Asia. A few of these were imported in the 1920’s for zoological gardens in this country and from there the breed has flourished in the United States.

Zebu are characterized by the large hump on their shoulders, gentle faces, small ears and horns. They come in many colors and patterns. Gray being the most common.

Being a smaller breed of cattle the space required and the feed to maintain the Miniature Zebu is smaller as well.

You can raise two or three Miniature Zebu per acre. They are ‘easy keepers’. They don’t have a need for high levels of nutrition or intense management.

Miniature Zebu are a hearty, disease resistant breed of cattle. This is a tropical breed that loves hot weather and will lie in full sun on the hottest days of the year. On windy or cold days they prefer to spend their time inside a shelter. As long as you furnish them with the proper housing in the winter months, the will do fine.

At maturity the Miniature Zebu is from 29 to 42 inches tall and weighs 200 to 600 pounds.

The average lifespan of Miniature Zebu is 20+ years.

Newborn calves are 16 to 18 inches tall and weigh 10 to 20 pounds.

A Miniature Zebu breeder has up to six different markets for their newborn calves: pets, beef, breeding animals, mini milkers, junior rodeo stock, and show cattle.