Fly Control: Summer Strategies

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Summer days provide the perfect environment for a rapid increase in fly populations. When flies are abundant, cattle become irritated and stressed. Extra energy is expended in an effort to fight off flies, and less time is spent in normal grazing or resting patterns. While we may never get a true measure of the economic loss created by flies, it seems logical that calves running from flies are not gaining weight.

A combination of fly control efforts provides the greatest benefit to your herd.

Pre-Pasture Prevention: 

Pour-on insecticides are most effective when applied every 2-4 weeks.

Ivermectin pour-on treatment provides up to 28 days of horn fly control, in addition to internal and broader external parasite control.

In-Pasture Treatment:

Cattle rubs charged with insecticide or dust  bags allow cattle to self-treat frequently.

Sprayer units or Mist Spray systems suit a variety of application demands.


Information obtained from Valley Vet Supply. - Arnold Nagely, DVM & Ray Shultz, DVM