Value of Your AMZA Membership

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The Value of Pedigrees

AMZA provides many valuable services to their membership, one of the most important being the recording of ancestry, or pedigrees. Pedigrees are a valuable tool in livestock breeding because these ancestral records provide knowledge necessary for predicting progeny performance. More value can be added by recording performance records of each individual zebu and its progeny. A permanent record of ancestors and their comparative production traits is an indispensable tool if breeders are to make wise breeding decisions that lead to improved production and efficiency. Pedigrees are of value to all segments of the industry.

Breeding programs can be directed toward goals by selecting quality stock that excels in those traits for which the zebu herds need improvement. Information contained as part of a registration certificate consists of individual animal identification, and parentage (sire and dam). With that knowledge and previous information stored in the breed association data bank, a pedigree or ancestral record can be produced for the breeder. The breeder provides every piece of raw data used in the production of pedigrees and records, bringing to surface the importance of breeder integrity. Few, if any, industries are more dependent upon individual integrity than the pedigreed livestock industry.

Judge Certification Program

AMZA conducts a judge's certification program for individuals that desire to judge for AMZA. The 2 1/2 day program consists of classroom, class placing, oral reasons and a final exam. The program is designed for individuals with prior livestock experience and/or strong knowledge of Zebu cattle.

The program may be used as a good training course for all Zebu enthusiast. Each program is limited in size and typically held annually.

AMZA Breed Standards

The AMZA breed standard is a conceptual ideal of the perfect animal based on the best knowledge of the industry. The standard identifies desirable and undesirable traits with emphasis on production traits and those characteristics unique to Zebu. Standards are a yardstick by which the breeder may measure his advances toward an ideal animal. The breed standard may change over time as the demands of the industry change.

AMZA Sanctioned Show Program

The AMZA sanctioned show program is a partnership between AMZA and some of the premier venues across the country. The AMZA sanctioned show program is the largest in the zebu industry with over 1100 animal exhibited in 2016. Members of the AMZA use the program to receive genetic evaluation of their animals by certified judges to compete for show honors and to market their genetics to the industry.